Mission Indradhanush

Mission Indradhanush is the Indian health mission that launched by Union Health Minister. It aims to immunize all children under the age if 2 years, pregnant women, against seven vaccine-preventable diseases. Mission Indradhanush depicts seven colors of the rainbow to cover all those children by 2020

This Mission Indradhanush was launched by Union health minister JP Nadda on occasion of National Good Governance day. Under this scheme, the Indian Government will conduct four special vaccination campaigns

Objective of Mission Indradhanush:

The mission Indradhanush aims to cover all children by 2020 that are either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases. The Universal Immunization Program provides life-saving vaccines to all children across the country for free of cost against pertussis, Diphtheria, Polio, Tetanus, Meningitis, Pneumonia, Japanese Encephalitis, Rubella, Measles, and Rotavirus diarrhea


Which type of areas covered under this Mission Indradhanush?

Mission Indradhanush covers this mission on high-risk settlements identified by the polio eradication program. These are the low pockets with low coverage due to geographic, ethnic and demographic also other related operational challenges. Mission Indradhanush closely monitored at the district level, state level and central level at regular intervals

About areas are targeted through special Immunization campaigns:

  • The Mission Indradhanush targets high-risk areas that identified polio eradication program like urban slums with migration, Nomads, Construction sites, Brick Kilns, Undeserved and hard to reach populations, Other Migrants
  • The area with vacant sub-centers and missed routine immunization (RI) sessions
  • Hamlets, Small villages, dhanis or pubs clubbed with another village for RI and not having independent RI sessions
  • Areas with low routine immunization (RI) coverage

How many phases under Mission Indradhanush:

Presently Mission Indradhanush having the four phases. At every phase, some selected areas will cover under this scheme.

  • Phase I: In this phase, the Government will cover 201 districts. Under this phase, more than 75 lakh children have vaccinated which 20 lakh children and more than 20 lakh pregnant women received tetanus toxoid vaccine
  • Phase II: 352 districts will cover in phase II and nearly 73 are high focus districts of Phase I.
  • Phase III: 216 districts will cover under this Phase III. The four intensified immunization rounds were conducted for seven days. In the first three phases
  • And Phase IV: In this fourth phase remaining areas will be rolled out in rest of the country

These four phases of Mission Indradhanush have reached more than 2.53 crore children and 68 lakh pregnant women with life-saving vaccines

Basic elements:

  • Meticulous Planning of campaigns: Micro plans in all urban areas and blocks in each district to ensure the availability of sufficient vaccinators and all vaccines.
  • Effective communication and social mobilization efforts: Generate awareness also demand immunization services through the need-based communication strategies also social mobilization activities
  • Build the capacity of health officials also workers in routine immunization activities for quality services
  • Establish an accountability framework of district administrative also health machinery to all district task forces for immunization in all districts of India. The mass media and interpersonal communication will play the main role and evaluate sturdy mechanisms for implementing this scheme

Mission Indradhanush immunization drive over 7 working days starting from the 7th of every month. This scheme will assess through survey also conduct another phase based on the findings of the survey

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